We Made It!

Sorry for the delay in this final post – as many of you will know from Facebook, we did arrive in LA on Friday, however we have needed a few days to recouperate. Our last few days were a true snapshot of the trip as a whole. The Californian Coast continued to amaze us, with […]

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Strawberry Fields

Over the last few days we have seen a huge amount of kindness. Just before we left Santa Cruz, our amazing WarmShowers host Rita spent nearly 3 hours working on our bikes out of the goodness of her own heart. They felt better than new, and we are so grateful to her for sparing her […]

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The Californian Coast

Our supposedly ‘easy ride’ into San Francisco was everything but that. Little did we realise a huge mountain came between us and the Golden Gate Bridge. We are starting to think that someone is building mountains ahead of us as we go! Nevertheless, a friendly voice cheered us as we approached the top. Re-introducing Marginal […]

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Through the Redwoods

Over the last four days we have covered 460km and climbed 4,850ft (most of that being in one day). The winding roads through the Redwoods have been the hills that keep on giving, with every corner turned offering a steeper version of the last. There were points where physically and mentally we questioned whether we […]

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Oregon to California

The last few days have seen their ups and downs. Ellie nearly killed Liv after braking to avoid a dead raccoon stretched out across the hard shoulder. This led to Liv falling off her bike -miraculously unscathed! The final days in Oregon were stunning but scary. Bad visibility and narrow shoulders left us anxious at […]

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Washington to Oregon

We were sad to see the end of the mild rolling hills of Washington as we ventured into our next state. Our last night there couldn’t have been more perfect. We had a wonderful ride through thick woodland followed by some steep but beautiful climbs until we arrived at our “warm shower” for the night. […]

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We’re on our way!

Our adventure began true to our name. Attempting to re-assemble our bikes after their turbulent journey left in the delicate care of baggage handlers was the first test of whether we had any ‘ideas’. Settled in our motel room, we began by trying to pump up our tyres. To many this would seem a simple […]

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